7 Days/ 7 Chakras:


Join me in this journey through the system of the chakras. Each day you will embody and explore the wisdom that each chakra holds. You will connect to the element, mantras, postures, and psychological meanings correlated to each energy wheel. This journey’s intention is for you to take away the practices for use in healing your own chakras and discovering what you need most for bringing balance to your own chakra system. 


Suited for all levels, including modifications for chair yoga practitioners.  Each class is one hour. 


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Heart Center/Anahata Chakra



Five Weeks to Flexibility :


Join me for five weeks of flexibility fun! In this five-part series, you will have one 45-minute Foundational practice on each area of focus in the body. Then, use the shorter Extra Elasticity class to explore further on the same body part as often as you like. Practice and notice what changes! I cover hamstrings and calves, quadriceps and hip flexors, hips, shoulders, and spine. 


Each class is designed for various levels of practitioners to support where you are and where you can go.

$60  for unlimited life-time access to all 10 classes: Five 45 minute classes and five 15 minute classes.


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