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Thai Massage

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Sundays 9-10:30am

Open Level Hatha

Co-taught with Patrick Heffernan

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Constant Connections

Holiday Schedule/NYDay Class/2021 Weekly Schedule!

Happy Winter Solstice.  I hope you will rest tonight. Cuddle under some blankets with a good book or movie, cup the tea or cocoa between your palms, and sigh deeply, releasing.   SPECIAL HOLIDAY SCHEDULE with VERY SPECIAL NEW YEARS DAY COLLAB. CLASS! -Tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, classes as usual!

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Last week was focused around forgiveness. Read that blog here.  Over the course of last week’s classes, I continually heard myself saying that forgiveness is one pathway to changing one’s “inner design”.  I was speaking specifically to how one thinks.  And so, I wanted to take a deeper dive into

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As intuition often works, the persistence of the idea ‘forgiveness’ had been peaking its head into my thoughts over the past couple of weeks. I finally had time to give it some focus and to make it the intention of last week’s yoga classes.  This piece is long, but I

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I have to do an about face for Decembers “Manifest Monthly: Yoga Workshops to Deepen Your Physical Practice While Giving Back” organization!  And, today is Giving Tuesday, so what better day to announce this deeply meaningful organization to me than today! For Decembers ‘Manifest Monthly’, we will be giving proceeds to Maloto!  Maloto means

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