Breathe and Believe

Above is the picture depicting the Manipura Chakra, which is the energetic vortex, or wheel(chakra), for actions, courage, will power, and autonomy.  It lives physically at the area of our solar plexus, above the navel.  Its name means ‘lustrous gem’.  Its all about our vitality.  Courage to take action can come from here.  It’s why I chose this picture for this subject matter on decision making.

As last week we were focused on surrender in our practices, especially in the letting go purpose of surrender, I began to get curious around when we should act?!  How does One make decisions?  From what place do we make decisions?  If, in surrendering our egos, as Emma-Louise Newlyn goes on to write, “is very closely related to the concept of letting go of the fruits of our actions and non-attachment…the practice of surrendering requires us to acknowledge that we can do our very best in each situation but we can’t really do any more than that; realizing this essentially allows us to fully engage and be present in what we are doing, bringing all our energy to that moment and experiencing it fully as it is-what happens after, happens after.”

So, then, how can we make sure we ARE ‘doing our very best’ in each moment and continually working towards being our very best?  For me, this seemed tied to how we make choices, how we make decisions.  From those choices that we make daily, like what to eat for breakfast, to those big hitting choices of whether we should move out of state, for example, or leave a relationship, or stay at a job.  So, I did a little research into how people make decisions.  Let me tell you!  There is A LOT of information out there!  There are books on how to make better decisions too!  So, I am going to give you a few places from which decisions can be made, but then I am going to tell you the common denominator that was threaded thru them all.

The first thing that came to me around decisions was the time I needed to decide to move from an apartment I was renting. It wasn’t a questions of if I needed to move, it was a question of where to?  I had an apartment I found that I loved, but the roommates in it were giving mixed signals.  I wanted to be there.  It was my father who said, “do you want to force the decision, or let God show you the way?”  I decided from a place of letting Universe carry me, a place of surrender, haha.  And, I am glad I DID!  I found a better home that had an amazing woman in it, who would go on to be one of my bridesmaids in my wedding, and I at her wedding!

Another place to make decisions from is, of course, your heart!  A dear teacher of mine would always say, and I am paraphrasing, “Perhaps the questions is not what is the right choice, but what is the loving choice”.  I LOVE this.  Sometimes we know our choices that we are making are not going to be liked by others.  For me, that is hard because I want everyone to like me(it ain’t gonna happen, let it go).  However, one of the hardest decisions in my life came from a place of heart, even though it did hurt someone;  it came from a place of love for me, and love for them.  “What happens after, happens after.”  Stay present, breathe, and know you’re doing your very best in this moment.

Sometimes we have no idea what to do.  Maybe you’re living in the mystery right now, and don’t know which way to turn.  Perhaps you see a path you wish to take, but don’t know the first step to create the movement forward.  Pause here, one of those Sacred Pauses, where you listen to intuition.  Feel what your gut is telling you, knock on your hearts door, and observe any messages from Source/Universe/God/Energy/Life. 

Here are two more little quotes I heard on this subject of making decisions.  I heard them from listening to others, so I do not know the original authors of the actual words:

“Know history, know self.”(My husband told me this one.)
“People don’t decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.”(From Australian researchers on the topic of creating habits.)

Now, in order to know our history, we have to take a moment to look back and observe.  And, in order to know our habits we must become aware of what we are doing.  Ah ha, yup, are you guessing the common denominator yet?  In order to hear our hearts, what must we do?  In order to read our intuition, what must we do?

We must bring our consciousness into the present moment and observe!  That’s the common denominator I discovered.  Do you agree?  Let me know.

Oh, and if you want to, Google ‘choice theory’.  Just another thing I came across. 

Your mission, should you choose(lol!) to accept it, is to try to stay present enough to always be doing your very best this week.  What happens after, happens after. Namaste!

Have you ever had a time in your life when you couldn’t catch your breath? You felt like your ‘head was under water’, or at best, you were ‘treading’? That’s how I felt recently. I did a minute of journaling and began to feel that my intention was to just “try to stay open”. Open to what I was going thru, how I was feeling, and to what was. In essence, surrender.


In Yoga, surrender can be named Isvara Pranidhana. It is known as the last of the Niyamas, or observances, within Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, or the threads of wisdom as offered by the Sage, Patanjali. Isvara translates as ‘Supreme Being’, ‘God’, ‘Brahman’, or ‘True Self’. Pranidhana translates as ‘to dedicate’, ‘devote’, or ‘surrender’.


In order to even begin to surrender, we must acknowledge what we are holding onto that no longer serves us. For me, in my suffocating moment recently, I knew I had to let go of the desire for control and change. My children were sick, at the same time, and I wanted to heal them, I wanted to get back on track with my training I am taking, write my blogs, and life in general! This is ego. The ego will hold on to anything in order to give us a false sense of control. But…


“Surrendering to what is requires trust in our deepest Self, our intuition and the courage to express ourselves for who we are, as we are, with all of our perfect imperfections, which ultimately leads to freedom.” -Emma-Louise Newlyn


So, here’s an invitation. The next time you practice the physical poses of yoga, the asanas, or the next time you move your body, can you practice surrender in these two ways?:


1.) Physical Surrender. Really let go, ly down, do nothing. Breathe. Close your eyes. Make your body comfortable so you can really try to let go of your thoughts. Empty out. Exhale a little longer than your inhales. And remember how surrender does not mean “giving up”, but rather a release, a letting go, which might be the most difficult part of the practice, but which might also open you to clarity and a spaciousness that allows you to just be.


2.) When you meet some tension, whether physical or otherwise, can you breathe into it? Of course be compassionate, don’t hurt yourself, but can you relax into the physical sensations without leaving hurriedly? Can you move towards the discomfort or difficulty? To this, Emma-Louise writes, “Yes, Yoga makes us feel good. It heals us when we’re hurt, and it helps us find light when all we see is dark, but it also shows us what we’re made of when things get tough.”


Tell me how you have surrendered recently. What does surrender evoke within you? How did surrendering effect your situation/life?


For me, my kids are healing slowly, I took actions necessary to support that, but ultimately, I am still having to wait it out. It was a little virus, and now something else. I let go of my need for control to try and stop time so that I wouldn’t be so “far behind” in my training. I am rolling with life, and I do feel a sense of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. I even vacuumed and wrote this blog 😉



Shawna Emerick

“Do you already know that your existence-who and how you are- is in and of itself a contribution to the people and place around you?  Not after or because you do some particular thing, but simply the miracle of your life?”  Breathe that in for a few minutes. Let in marinade your bones, your flesh.  Let it steep your heart.


I love those words from Adrienne Maree Brown.  They get at something that I am intent on building with more intention in the coming weeks, months, and years:  Community.


She goes on to write, “And the people around you, and the place/place, have contributions as well?  Do you understand that your quality of life and your survival are tied to how authentic and generous the connections are between you and the people and place you live with and in?  Are you actively practicing generosity and vulnerability in order to make the connections between you and others clear, open, available, durable?  Generosity here means giving of what you have without strings or expectations attached.  Vulnerability means showing your needs.”


I hope to see you soon, on the mat, off the mat, in the neighborhood, or virtually.  Lets keep building community,be vulnerable,  be generous, and remembering that we are each enough in who we are.  Namaste.


Recently I took what my mind was seeing as a pretty substantial “risk”. The risk I took held a lot of fear inside. It was that fear of not having enough, for the risk I took was one where I was moving away from something that was bringing financial abundance. However, I knew I was not the best fit for this space any longer.


In contemplating the entire situation, and trying to see it from new mindsets, as we have been exploring in my yoga classes for the past two weeks, my thoughts just kept circling.


So, I asked my partner one morning while rounding up the kids to go outside, “what word, or words, come up when you hear ‘risk’, ‘decision’, ‘change’?” And he said, “GROWTH”!!




And, I realized I had found another way to change my mindset! Ask someone else about your situation! Haha!


Growth. Yes, exactly it! And then I found these quotes:


“Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, and rearranged to relocate us to the place we are meant to be.” -Soul Speaking quote online. And if I might add, whether this change comes from our own actions, or from circumstances out of our control.


“Open your mind to the possibilities that may be hiding behind the inconvenience of change.”-Elyse Robinson. And if I could expand on this one, to gaze into what possibilities might be hiding behind perceived risks of change, for ultimately we don’t know what will come to be; this is the mystery.


“Change is sometimes needed to better yourself, love yourself, and truly be happy. Never stop working on the best you can be. It is a life long endeavor.”-Anonymous


So, I leave you with the last quote from Karen Raun.
“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”


*The picture above is the second chakra of Svadisthana. Its color, bij mantra of Vam, but pronounce it “vum”, and number of lotus pedals it contains are depicted. The second wheel of Life force(chakra) that lives within you is located at your lower abdomen and sacrum, symbolized by water. It is locomotion, change, movement, sensuality, sexuality, sweetness, desires, passions, emotions, and more! Change to Grow! Meditate on it, chant the mantra, circle your hips, do some hip openers, wear orange, and feel the changes.

“We can change our Mindset as ease-fully as we change our pose.”-Me, in some yoga class last week, haha!


“Reset Your Mindset.”-Me, but I’m 100% sure someone else has said this before! 😉


Lately I had been told, and I had been noticing, that a lot, if not ALL of what we do, and how we think is a total Mindset. There are courses on it! So, I decided to dive in a little deeper. I decided to “try on” a few ideas towards Mindset of my own.


Its amazing the endless possibilities for changing our Mindset that I found when investigating a little deeper and getting curious. Here are a few findings that have helped me to embrace, change, face, and flip my Mindset recently:


1. If its good, embrace it! Repeat the thought, create an affirmation or mantra around it, embody it, and soak it in!
2. If it’s a thought you don’t want, or didn’t ask for…
-Flip the script, meaning change the negative to the positive. For example, “what if I fail”, can become, “what if I succeed beyond my wildest dreams”?!
-Let the thought go completely. What will you then want to put in that space that has now been created thru letting it go? The choice is yours!
-Befriend the negative thought. Be brave in getting curious. Where did it come from? Is there an old belief that needs to go? Could this negativity actually be the fuel that moves you?!
3. No matter the type of thought that our consciousness labels it as, be it “good” or “bad”, leave space for equanimity. It is what it is. Observe, without judgement, without attachment, and without expectation. This is an active form of meditation.
4. Take a walk in nature!
5. Go running(this is me lately, it totally gets me out of my “chattering and chaotic mind” and grounds me into my “creative mind” that flourishes and gets excited).
6. Breathe. But, bring your focus to your breath. Nothing else. This is breath meditation.


So, those are just a few from me. Did anything come up for you? Let me know!


It is all in our heads, but we can use the body and SO much more, in order to get out of a mindset that is not constructing our life, but rather destructing it.

Build your life from the inside out! Mentally, physically, Spiritually, emotionally, and create the life you envision(ah ha! Another one, visioning!)!


*Remember, NEW SCHEDULE IN SEPTEMBER! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Love, Shawna

Very close to birth day!
“You look so beautiful!”-Maxwell
Max said this the first time I a wore a nursing dress after Quinn was born(that’s me pregnant with her/above picture).
“I love your jiggly tummy, mommy.”  Then Max would make me fake laugh so it would shake! I loved this! 
Post-partum bodies, and really EVERY BODY, should be honored and looked at with such love. Thank you, Max, my son, for loving me so! You don’t know how much mommy needed that help. Yes, help.
 It’s taken me until this point in my life to finally feel almost completely comfortable in my body. Some days I get sad for wasted time and energy, and mostly wasted headspace for all the worry, judging, caring about the wrong stuff, and self-sabotaging mind set. No more!
To share, to declare, to hold myself accountable, and to inspire others to NEVER judge a BODY. The human form has always amazed me, and it just continues to do so!
My post-partum thoughts and body have inspired and instigated these healings and more…

The Healings

“And the realization,

 that my body is holding creation,
I pause. 
Profound in my embarrassment
for not realizing it earlier,
 i am forever in awe.
For not embodying it more fully, I try now.
In my trying i often fail.
But it is in the knowing, it is in the Light getting brighter, it is in the clarity, it is in the spaces opening that I can walk into as myself. 
That I can know myself as Creator, as Divine.
For it is the opening of my womb that creation came for, stepping into this world from the other. 
It is the home of my womb that is the home of creation and therefore the home of the Divine. This realization that I am the home of the Divine, and therefore I am the Divine, and we all are the Divine has rocked my world.
I hope to embody this knowledge, to carry it with me always. 
I hope to have my heart, my mind, my spirit, my soul, and my physical form be seen as Divine, and for me to know it as Divine.”
*IMPORTANT: you do not have to give physical birth to know this. This knowledge is for ALL! We all came from womb and water. We ALL came from Creation and are Source its Self.
For me, this was mind-blowing after having my third child. My second child was a miscarriage in the late first trimester, and a complete shock.
I still wonder, why it is on a day-to-day basis that I still have difficulty embodying this, and, therefore, not serving myself as I would serve the Divine, as if it were an entity outside of my Self.  And, at the same time it deepens my resolve that others know their Divinity, and that others know they’re worth, and that others experience such realization, and connection.  Connection to what lives inside of them that is nothing separate from God, Source, and all other names that you might call it. It deepens my resolve to no longer waste mental space and emotional happiness thinking about how people see me, what they might be thinking of me, and what they might be expecting from me.
This is the manifesto!
And now you, dear reader and friend, how have youy been feeling in your body? In your heart?  What do you declare you are releasing forever?  What are you making space for, so that something Greater can enter? Send me a message if you like!  It is also a new resolve to respond to you! Thank you for always supporting me. Namaste. Read on for a little more if you like; things to ponder.
Shawna Emerick

"It is it's own little birth to tell a story"...

“The tearing had to happen in order to make way for what was growing within. The separation, the cracking open, the tearing, and the discomfort all had to happen in order for life to begin.”-Shawna Emerick

“It’s in the telling of these stories that another layer and level of growth and connection happens. It is it’s own little birth to tell a story.“-Shawna Emerick


Sometimes it is our bodies that show physical badges of the journey, and yet often these parts of our body are always hidden, or we hide them. I think we should show them. We should let people see, let people ask the questions, let people hear our story, and / or tell people are stories.


And then I felt called to mention the patriarchal and societal expectations that have been portrayed on multimedia levels of what a woman’s body should look like, and what makes it “beautiful”.

What we need to be doing is portraying healthful bodies, healthful nutrition for everybody specific needs, healthful exercising suited for everybody’s specific needs, and healthful lifestyles, as well as way of healthful consciousness and mental health. 
It is the Yogic remembering that we are of this body and not of this body, and we are of this mind but not of this mind; we are Light itself.  
And as I go through my own personal journey I must remember these words as well. That I can nurture and love my body and all that it has done, and all that it has given me, and all that it continues to do for me, and that I can choose a mindset of compassion and joy. Compassion and consideration for myself and for others. (One of the biggest takeaways from co-leading the first Bread and Yoga local retreat was just that; consideration is different than compassion.)
This is also to say that this goes much deeper than just physical body image. It goes beyond my upbringing in the dance world, which I have often felt is not the only source for this challenge in my life, but definitely part of it. No, this goes deeper. This goes to that place of fear of rejection for not looking a certain way, fear of failure, fear of not being enough. This is ridiculous. I constantly tell people in my life how ‘enough’ they are without needing to look or act a certain way, or say certain things. Sometimes it’s hard to practice what we preach, but every time I appreciate it, it sinks in deeper into my body, my being. 

I’m also thinking of those who are born into one body, who have never felt comfortable, or at home, in that body.  

And I’m thinking about the body positive movement.
I sometimes wonder if there is a neurological connection that I wasn’t born with, or something in genetics that gives such confidence and self-esteem, for lack of better terms. For it was the Dalai Lama who, in an interview, said that he did not know what self esteem was, nor did his language hold a term that which was a synonym for self esteem.
We all must live our own stories, being brave and being bold, and to remember that Light within us, to share that Light with others, and to keep burning even when we feel as if the world, or our own thoughts, are snuffing out the flames!! 
Finally, I love how Russell Brand catches it for me. It’s an “imaginary standard”(the body image thing)!

And, sometimes I have wondered if this issue has held me back in life. I’m sure it has. But, I DONT want it to stop me anymore. 
Enough is enough, and I AM ENOUGH!
‘Nough said.  Lol!
Love to all! 
Thank you for reading this far! Haha!
Namaste! And as I say, “Mama-ste”! 😉

Recently I was asked what faith meant to me.  After only a minute or two if thought, it came from the heart: Surrender.  Over the years my definition of surrender has changed completely.  It used to be that I equated surrender with an act closer to giving up, and a negative connotation.  Now, Surrender is a chosen act of love and trust; surrendering to that which is Greater than myself and to that which holds me with only It’s best intentions for me; this is the Universe, Source, God, Spirit; this is faith.  It is an act of love, from both God, or Providence, whatever you name it to be, and from my Self back to Source.  There is an unshakeable trust and confidence in this relationship.  This, as well as many other things, is what is carrying me into my second birth.  Birth of my second child, and rebirth of myself.


Thank you all in your unshakeable trust, love, and support of me at his time.  And for my baby, and my family.   I am now officially on maternity leave.  You might see me in another pre-natal class, or taking Maxwell to and from pre-school, but for the most part, I am slowing down.  We are officially 10 days away from due date!  But, you know, kids can have a mind of their own, lol!


I just wanted to lovingly let you all know that you might not see me as much on social media for a while.  Nor will I be responding to emails, unless they are of importance that need immediate response: you should probably put that in the subject matter if so.  I am appreciative of your understanding, as it is my belief, and experience, that the post-partum stage of pregnancy holds some of the MOST challenging moments for a Mother.


Please do stay in touch, despite my delay in responses!  And, please know that I will be back!  I look forward to more classes with you in a few months, and to some AWESOME RETREATS in 2020!! You can always check in here,, or on Facebook and Instagram.


So, I will see you soon! Namaste, take care of yourself as well, and may peace and happiness follow you.

From My Heart…


Words cannot express the overwhelming feelings that I had from all of the responses I received from my last post, “My Miscarriage”.  I could not respond to everyone because there were SO many loving and supportive personal emails.  My apologies for not responding separately, but please know I read them, took them in, and am sending love back!

As most of you know, we are now expecting!  Actually, in about 8 weeks!  Around March 3rd, 2019, we will be joyously looking forward to meeting our little baby GIRL!  Maxwell is SO excited to become a big brother!  This, of course, means a maternity leave for me.  I hope to be back to all my current locations by around July. 

So, in the mean time, please come practice with me a few more times before my life changes completely again!  And, check out the workshops I will be hosting in January and February(read below).  As for retreats, keep a heads up for announcements in mid 2019; I have some ideas cooking, as well as continuing the amazing yearly retreats! Namaste Dear Ones, and may the year of 2019 hold much hope, possibility, and love for you.

Deep Winter’s Rest at Mind Body Soul

Sunday, January 13th, 2019 from 3-5pm


Join me, once again, for this years Restorative Yoga Workshop at Mind Body Soul Yoga studio in Washington Hts., NYC.  We will talk a brief moment about restorative yoga and its benefits, but most importantly, you will experience it!  Be prepared for gentle movement, soft breath work, deep relaxation, letting go, and journeying inwards.  I will be adding aromatherapy, reiki attuned touch, and soothing sounds to enhance the vibration for hibernation and healing.  Everyone welcomed, even beginners and pre-natal yogis.
$35 pre-register and $45 same day
Register Here!

Invite The Night:
Ritual to Reset from Within

Saturday, January 19th from 2-4pm
Birchwood Center, Nyack, NY


Tara Cuskley and I, are joining forces again, to offer you the time and place to acknowledge the ‘night’ with compassion and to invite the light within.
Using asana and pranayama, I will explore how we may settle into the hibernating quietude of the winter season thru the lens of compassion. Then delve deeper into energy healing practices with Tara as she guides you through an energy body clearing, releasing you from the old and allowing you to renew. Creative visualizations and shamanic rhythmic sounds will initiate a personal meditative journey with the intention to welcome the night and retrieve guidance specific to your life. A time for group discussion and Q&A will be provided at the end of the program.  All levels welcomed.

$40 *if register before Jan. 15th.  $45 after.
Register Here!

Deep Winter’s Restorative Workshop

Sunday, January 27th, 1-3pm
Riverstone Yoga, Tarrytown, NY


Meet me at the beautiful Riverstone Yoga center, nestled right along the Hudson River, and just feet away from the Tarrytown Metro North Line stop, for an afternoon of release! 

Deep within us is a place of stillness and peace. It is innate in our Souls. When we become still, and when we set the stage for quietude, we are better able to recognize this wisdom within, and to release and open up.
Come and connect to this space in a sacred, supportive environment, and spend the time to go deep within. We will practice gentle movements, soft breath work, and long-held luxurious restorative postures. All will allow us to sink into a deep winter’s rest.
I will complement this wonderful practice with the essence of healing sounds, aromatherapy, and healing Reiki touch.
$35 Early Bird, $45 after January 6th

Register Here!

Sweet Connections: A Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Valentine’s Day Experience

Saturday, February 16th, 2:00-5:00pm
Bread and Yoga, Inwood, NYC


Calm, centered, relaxed, peaceful, and loved; does any of this sound like a good thing to feel to you?! Would you like to help your partner/friend/loved one feel like this?! Then come enjoy a magical event of giving, receiving, relaxing, and connecting with each other!

In our time together, we will practice some fun partner yoga moves and learn a basic Thai Yoga bodywork flow for whole body well-being.

For it is truly a practice to both receive and to give; it cultivates trust and understanding. This experience will support you and your partner in developing deeper connections to your own body as well as theirs. Learn how to support their body with loving intention, and allow yourself to let go and be nurtured in return.

**wear comfortable and warm clothing; socks optional; all other props provided.  Most work is done on the floor.

Limited to 8 couples.  Sign up with your name and bring your partner.
$90 per couple.  Please pre-register
Register Here!

Welcome, and Namaste!

Here is a full update on all my new classes*, workshop, and fall retreats!  See you soon!



11am-12pm Pre-natal Yoga at The Graf Institute, Englewood, NJ

12:15-1:15pm Mind Body Core Yoga at The Graf Institute, Englewood, NJ

7:30-8:45pm Vinyasa Level 2 at Mind Body Soul Yoga Studio, Washington Heights, NYC


6-7:15pm Feel Good Flow Yoga for All Levels at Riverstone Yoga, Tarrytown, NY*starting Sept. 19th


12-1pm All Levels Yoga at Bread and Yoga, Bronx Location*starting Sept. 27

1-1:30pm FREE Meditation at Bread and Yoga, Bronx Location*starting Sept. 27


10-11:30am Vinyasa for All Levels at Bread and Yoga, Inwood Location, NYC

2-3:30pm Donation Based Vinyasa Level 1 at Mind Body Soul Yoga Studio, NYC

4-5pm Restorative Yoga at Mind Body Soul Yoga Studio, NYC


9-10:30am Vinyasa Level 2/3 at Birchwood Center, Nyack, NY

12-1:30pm Vinyasa for All Levels at Bread and Yoga, Inwood, NYC

-Corporate and private yoga instruction available upon request. Email Shawna at

-Thai Massage available by appointment only. Location can be in-home, or at Mind Body Soul Yoga Studio.


“Harness Your Mind: An Exploration Into Meditation”

Sunday, September 16th, 2-4pm at Bread and Yoga, Inwood location.


“Finding The Way In”

October 5-8, 2018

SOLD OUT! Wait list available.

A Berkshires location retreat as offered by Bread and Yoga!  Lead by Shawna Emerick and Meghan Lastra, with amazing chef, Marcela Xavier!

“The Nature of Life: Inner Voice~Inner Light”

October 21-23, 2018

Few Spots Still Available! Sign up TODAY!

  Set in the gorgeous fall foliage of the Hocking Hills national state park, Hocking Hills, Ohio, this retreat is one to be experienced!   Lead by father/daughter team, Stephen W. Emerick, Ph.D., and Shawna Emerick, E-RYT200.  Yoga is gentle and meant for all levels with intention to go deep within.   Join the father-daughter team as they create a sacred space for the exploration of the nature and union of one’s Inner and Outer environment. This year’s Retreat theme of Belonging is designed to honor your place in sacred circle and The Nature of Life.  Shawna and Stephen utilize a creative program of yoga, artistic reflection, writing, poetry, storytelling, song, and sharing. Facilitation of later group processing is a time of coming together for sharing and support.  To remain in silence is always included as ones’ sacred right in this safe and nurturing environment.

Email Shawna to Register:

Held at The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls, a five start Inn!

AND, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out my NEW WEBSITE!

Perhaps I will announce that more too, its still a little work in progress. Namaste!


My Story


     It has been exactly one year, to the day, that my world was changed forever, September 11, 2017.  And, its finally time to share.  I also want to honor the fact that this is a hard day for many, as it is the anniversary of 9/11.  I am sensitive to that fact as I find courage to share my story from the same day. This is simultaneously terrifying and freeing.  Just this week in my yoga classes and conversations, I said, in my own words, “I believe truthfulness supports living an authentic life.  I also believe truthfulness calls within us the courage to be vulnerable; and this calls an even greater force from within us to remember our worthiness.”  I am blessed to have you, dear friend, to be reading, and journeying along with me.  I am forever grateful for our shared journey.  Renae Cobb puts it so right, in my opinion, “Certainly, the people we love inspire us to heights of love and compassion that we might have never achieved otherwise, but to really scale those heights, we often have to go to the depths of who we are, light/shadow, good/evil, loving/destructive, and figure out our own stuff in order to love them better.  So, I’m not sure it’s an either/or but a *both/and.  We love others fiercely, maybe more than we think we love ourselves, but that fierce love should drive us to the depths of ourselves so that we can learn to be compassionate with ourselves.”


     It has been exactly one year, to the day, that my world was changed forever.  The day that I found out that my sweet little Baby #2 was not going to come Earth side with us, but instead return to Spirit side.  And, all too early.  I would be blessed months later in a vision journey to be visited by their Spirit.  It was SO clear that they were asking of me to be courageous in honoring their worthiness, and the life that they did have, all 9 weeks and 3 days.  I write now, with tears in my eyes.  But, my heart is *’both/and’ sad and terribly joyful!  I was lucky to have you Little Sweet One.  So many parents don’t even have that opportunity.  I have learned so much from this part of my story.  I have become even more sensitive, caring, forgiving, and understanding; and honor that all these learnings are on a continual development.


     It is with open heart that I invite you to listen now, to this part of my story, and other parts of my whole life’s story, in this podcast interview with my dearest friend, Dr. Deborah Adamy!  Her podcast, “Enlighten: Uplift and Inspire” can be found pretty much everywhere; my interview is episode #37.  Her website is

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Huge Announcement Follow Up To The Interview!


     The story continued to unfold with emotional ups and downs in our desire to have another, third, child.  However, it is with great joy that I, Geoffrey, Maxwell, 3yrs., Baby #2, and Astro our dog, share with you Baby #3!  Due March 3rd, 2019!  I have waited until this moment to share because it has been with cautious optimism that the first trimester came and went.  It is different to go in the journey after a loss.  This is why my loss has given me much Light.  I feel more now for others, whether their loss has been a child, an elder, or other.  And I have met amazing people from my loss, and also now from the life growing within me.  This is also why I choose to share, so no one has to feel that they are alone in their journey.  Blessings and gratitude are my offerings, to God, to you dear reader, to my family, to my friends, and to myself.  Namaste. Aho. Amen. Shalom. Sat Nam. 

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