About Me

I am… A Yogini‚ Dancer‚ Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapist‚ Life Coach‚  and Dreamer who loves to look out the window of a plane; a Spiritual Activist; an Explorer; a Lover; a Woman; Ohioan; New Yorker; Daughter; Sister; Mother; Wall Fly; Leader; World Traveler; Planner who likes to Improv; Contemplative; Human Being… I am.

My intention in life began to get clear while sitting on my porch‚ at the picnic table‚ in the back yard of our home growing up in Vandalia‚ Ohio. Yup‚ sittin’ on the porch! At the ripe old age of about 13‚ it seemed everyone had a plan about life but me. I wanted to do it all; Astronaut‚ dancer‚ philosopher‚ psychologist‚ race car driver‚ drummer‚ and artist‚ just to name a few. So‚ sitting at that table‚ I asked myself‚ “What do I want to do with my life?”. I did not have a clear‚ perfect‚ definite answer‚ BUT‚ I DID know this one thing… I wanted to help others create happy‚ healthy‚ confident lives!  And I wrote it just like that in my journal.

Shawna Emerick
Cracking The Heart Open

Honestly, I thought dance was the way I was going to help others.  I come from a lineage of people of service.  However, I never wanted to teach.  I just wanted to create, perform, and connect with audiences thru intention for them to feel the movements and themes within themselves.  I would soon come to discover that Source had a different plan for me.

Not so fast-forward, I am now in my 15th year of guiding yoga classes, facilitating workshops, and hosting retreats of various flavors.  I continue to to have the humbling honor to connect with others thru yoga, thai massage, coaching, and more, so that we dont feel like “other”, but rather feel our Oneness.

I have had the honor of studying with amazing teachers in my life, and am always learning.  Shawn Ambika, Jeff Migdow, M.D., Priti Robyn Ross, Anodea Judith, Ph.D., Jyothi Watanabe for Thai Yoga, Allison West, and more.  I have studied in an ashram in southern India, followed only Thai speaking women learning Royal Thai Technique in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and been in the presence of Amma.  I continue to be in retreat with THOT, The Healer of the Heart, founder, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada studying and practicing the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.  My heart continues to learn and grow from my own students as well.  Everyday there is connection and work from the Divine in the world and within each of us, for we are also that Divinity. 

I have become mother four times over.  I am mother to two amazing Human Beings, one Angel child, and one fur baby.  Maxwell, my son, and Quinnlyn, my daughter:  Words can’t even come close to my love for these two.  They color my world in so many magical ways.  And, I couldn’t do it alone.  I have an incredible partner who is a solid base foundation for me to land on when I am crashing.  He is the communicator who creates the sounding board for many of my ideas and dreams!  And, he is my numbers guy, the researcher, the calculating reader, and just all around best dad-joke teller.

My vision for the future holds a lot of new things!  Just this year, 2019, I started blogging the weekly class intentions.  I am now running all the behind the scenes tech stuff for my business of ‘Breathe and Believe’.  And, I have a lot of things in the oven, including new collaborations, online content, new retreat ideas, and more!  Thank you for joining me here, and please stay in touch! Namaste.




Restorative Yoga Certified, NY, 2017                           

Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training, NYC, 2015           

Chakra Therapy Certified, NYC, 2013                       

Coach For Transformation Life Coach, NYC, 2012     

Lanna Thai Massage, Thailand, 2009

Reiki Attuned, NYC, 2009 

Thai Yoga Massage Lotus Palm, NYC, 2007

Prana Yoga Teacher Training 200HR, 2006/7

Yandara Yoga 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training, 2004


B.S. Dance‚ Ball State University, 2002