Month: July 2020


“Allow beauty to shatter your regularly. The loveliest people are the ones who have been burnt and broken and torn at the seams, yet still send their Open Hearts into the world to mend with love again, and again, and again. You must allow yourself to feel your life while you are in it.”-Victoria Erickson


“And as she fell apart, her shattered pieces began to bloom – blossoming until she became herself exactly as she was meant to be…”-Becca Lee


Ego says: “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.”
Spirit says: “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”


This week in my classes I invited to people to anchor them self within that place of peace.  And also offered the fact that perhaps the yoga practice was the beginning of the journey into that place of peace within.  


I began to feel how the practices of beholding beauty, and having gratitude, were practices that supported One in allowing Oneself to feel life when One is in it.  


I also presented the question: Is it still possible to behold beauty, to have gratitude, and to anchor in a space of peace when things are difficult? When things are challenging?  Can the anchoring in peace, and that practice, be the a foundation from which we can allow beauty to shatter us, and to really feel our life while we’re living it?  To feel everything, even the uncomfortable? This reminded me of one of my dearest friends, Dr. Deb Adamy, meet her  HERE, and how she was the one who first invited me to allow my heart to crack wide open.  It would take me years until I understood what that meant, but it has become a practice for me on a daily level, to invite my heart to be cracked open by the beauty of life, to be cracked open by the ugliness of life. And in doing so, I feel more able-bodied to keep my heart open, and to therefore send my open heart into the world to mend with love always.


A poem came from this intention, and it came through me:


I felt parts of myself falling apart, some falling away.
Fragments of body, thoughts, memories, and beliefs all falling.
I felt near broken, unrepairable.
Breath by breath, 
  And breath by breath,
I began to rebuild.
Some things just repaired and repolished, other things made completely new.
Others, yet, are still in the making.
Now the falling pieces are not falling, they’re dancing; 
Forming a most glorious shape!
The shape of me. 


Breathe and Believe.


In a world and time full of uncertainty, I hope for you to become curious if the yogic practice of saucha could be able to offer you a sense of stability, grounding, clarity, or even just the ability to more steadily navigate the uncertainty.

Saucha translates as purity and cleanliness. It is one of the niyamas, or observances, in the eight fold path of yoga.  However, there is more to this then just eating purely, staying physically clean, and organizing your home and spaces. Those are important, yet there is more to Saucha as well.  Saucha also includes a relational quality; one that asks of us to be purely in the moment, to be purely in the presence of another, and to be purely with things as they are and not as we wish them to be. To be purely with life as it is, and not as we wish it or expect it to be. And to be purely with our self; to not pick ourselves apart, judge, or set unfair expectations upon herself, and to truly be able to see our self purely.  To be honest with our self about our thoughts and emotions.  Of course, if you want to change things, go back to my blog on resilience, here, and/or head to your third chakra for courage in the looking, here, wink wink! 

Cleanliness and purity, different, and yet interconnected. Don’t we tend to feel better when we are clean, have eaten a healthful meal, had enough water, a good nights sleep, and our desk is cleared, and the house clean?!  And, when we have taken these actions, don’t we tend to act and speak and move more purely through our day? When we’ve “lightened” the load and heaviness of things upon us, and have created some space in our life and in our minds and hearts, and an orderliness in our life, don’t you often feel that you can take a deep breath, and maybe release a little? And in that release, do you tend to feel you have more availability within yourself to get back to your Self!?  

The beautifully simple act of getting reconnected to Source within you is possible.  And, its a practice.

What do you need to “clean out” of your inner self now?  This is Saucha as well, to “work on our insides and change our very essence” so that all we do, say, and create is pure. -adapted from Deborah Adele.  Perhaps it is just a conscious shift that needs to happen, you change your mind, you open up, and declare, “it doesn’t need to be ‘hard’, I can allow for all things to flow.”  Or, maybe you need to journal, write it all down, and then look at it all, organize it, prioritize it; I do this with my lists to do, and I have been doing the same with some of my inner emotions/thoughts/ideas, and I am feeling it support me.  Some things became more clear for me, and even though other things are still uncertain, I am feeling a stronger ability to accept the things I cannot change with more love.

“Perhaps the most difficult place to practice purity is within ourselves. … being pure with ourselves means we are not afraid of our thoughts or our feelings, and we do not have to hide anything from ourselves.”-Deborah Adele, “The Yamas&Niyamas”

In approaching uncertainties, can you be pure with yourself, unafraid to take a real look at your feelings and thoughts? In doing so, what shifts?  Perhaps a decision becomes clear, or, if anything, you are at least honoring your Self and seeing all the things that are present, giving you the ability to “organize” and “come clean” with yourself, possibly seeing the Wholeness of your Self again, even with all the pieces you might still wish to get rid of! And from there, where would you wish to go?!

“Purity asks that we make full and honest contact with the moment so there is nothing lost and no regrets.”-Deborah Adele

**Above selfie taken in a pure moment of daily life with mother and daughter!  Shawna Emerick, mom, and Quinnlyn Enriquez, daughter, 15 months old. 

Breathe and Believe.


The term resilience had been coming up a lot in my circles in the past couple of months. I had a desire to take a deeper look into what it means to be resilient, to what it means to have resiliency, and who is resilient?

I’m going to answer that last question first…


By definition, resilience is 1.) The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. And, 2.) The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. -(both)Oxford definitions

“When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of The Human experience.”-Jaeda DeWalt (photographer of survivors)

From DeWalt’s quote above, as well as the definitions for resilience, it caused me to think how when we learn how to recover, how to come back to our “shape”, this is resilience!  By “shape”, I mean our true essence; who we are in all our various forms, ideals, beliefs, and truths!  How exciting this was for me to bring this into the Yoga practices a week ago, especially in moving the shape of our body into different shapes (poses)! 

And how perfect to speak to Marsha P. Johnson’s quote when are shapes got a little crazy that, “I may be crazy, but that don’t make me wrong.”-Marsha P. Johnson

We used some shapes of our body to support courage and strength.  Courage to overcome that which is testing our resilience and testing our strength.  We use shapes of our body to forge solid foundations within our selves so that we could embody our resilience! We even worked up to practicing a variation on “bowing with respect pose”, so that we can always honor our resilience and bow to our own capabilities within our self to be resilient and to overcome.  

We also used resiliency mudra, known as Sivalinga mudra.  It very much resembles a pestle and mortar, as you can imagine grinding down those things that are challenging in your life right now and testing your resiliency, leaving you left with the Light of your power!

Audre Lorde said, “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” How powerful.  And in my classes I would follow up that quote with Andrea Gibson’s quote, “It is untrue that bravery can be measured by a lack of fear. It takes guts to tremble. It takes tremble to love”.  May we all continue to be taking actions that are in service of our visions even when we are scared.  may we all continue to be taking actions that are in service of love.  May we be willing to rise even when we have fear.

Taking actions towards our visions, being able to get back up when we have fallen, not giving up when it feels as if we’ve taken two steps back, and to continue to see that every step along our journey has meaning, this is resilience.  Even those steps that feel like we are faltering and falling, may we continue to see the purpose that everything is leading us towards our visions.  Everything is leading us towards our collective desire for all beings to be loved and cared for; and that every Human Being will have their basic needs met so that they can thrive instead of just simply survive!

And may we also remember how taking time for rest, and to replenish our self, is also an act of resiliency. For only then, when our own well has been refilled, will we be able to stand up again, move forward again, to sustain our energy that is needed to manifest our visions (that’s this week’s intentions in classes, manifesting visions, Haha)!

I closed all of my classes with this meditation upon these words that come from Diana Fosha, “The roots of resilience…are found in the sense of being understood by and existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned, and self-possessed other”.  I invite you now to bring to mind a person who supported you in your life to being resilient. Who listened to you, who loves you, and who continually supports you, whether they are still alive or not.

And, this song kept coming to my mind, enjoy…. “we shall over come” !

Take some time this week, if you like, to consider moments in your life when you were resilient. Let these memories remind you of those powers within you that are still there.  Use them as tokens that will forever remind you of your resilience in the future!

Breathe and Believe.