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ajna chakra/Third Eye

“Opening the third eye allows us to see the big picture, transcend our egocentricity, and find the deeper meaning inherent in all things. As inner-sight develops, illusions are shattered, dreams are integrated, clarity begins, and consciousness extends yet another step beyond what was available through the lower 5 chakras alone. we now access the broad vision that enables us to see our way toward completion.”- Anodea Judith

The third eye is named Ajna chakra, which means ‘to perceive’. Its location is the eyes and the pineal gland within the brain.

The six chakra’s element is light, it’s color is indigo, and it’s bij mantra, or seed sound, is ‘om’. I have been taught that the third eye seed sound can also be short oms, and the crown chakra holds the long Om; however, others yet, will say the om is for the third eye and no sound is for the crown chakra.  It’s emanating vowel sound is the humming ‘mmmm’.

The animal most associated with the third eye is the owl, known as “the winged perceiver” with its ability to see in all directions. Our third eye, gives us the ability to see beyond space and time. For it is here in the third eye that the ida and pingala meet, and duality ceases to exist. here we are entering even more subtle vibrations than the element of ether of the fifth chakra. The need for stillness and silence become ever more important if we are to discern the vibrations, resonances, and communication that we see from the third eye. They are needed because if we cannot be aware enough to see the patterns within life, both our own innate patterns of who we are, and the patterns of our outer world, then we are less able to see how we can make change. Anodea Judith writes, “It is important to remain open to psychic, non-rational input, but equally important to rationally sort through it. Lack of discernment reveals poor 6th chakra boundaries, which allow it to become overloaded.  This is not to deny the possible value of intuition, past life memories, precognition, telepathy, or any other psychic arts. With 6th chakra excess, however, the ability to discern truth from fantasy becomes impaired”.  She also writes about the deficiency possibilities within the 6th chakra by stating, “people with six chakra deficiency have difficulty visualizing or imagining things differently. Monopolarization refers to the state of mind that cannot see the other side. Unable to imagine differences, we must deny or invalidate them. This produces a spiritually closed mine that prefers to remain in the familiar rather than expanding into the unknown”.  

I want to piggy back off that last quote.  If we cannot “see the other side”, and if we are unable to “imagine differences”, then how are we to meet understanding. Understanding is by way of the crown chakra, that is for next week, lol, but what I am getting at is this… If we cannot imagine what others are going thru, if we cannot wonder what they might have been thru, if we cannot imagine what they might be going thru right now, then we are dismissing the pathway to understanding that person, and therefore, dismissing the pathway to connection from a loving space.  And, the same when others do mot offer that towards us.  A strongly egoic person might just simply write off another person and not even care to understand.  A fear based person might not even attempt to imagine how another feels because they are stuck in a way in which they think they already know the other person will harm them, which could be an illusion.  It might only be a perception you have of another human being that they are out to get you, don’t like, you, or don’t care about you.  Illusion is the shadow side of the third eye.  So, I invite us all to open our third eyes in healthful ways in which we hold a sense of wonder; wonder about “the other side” of things, both people, and situations.  And, to first also be open to observing your own internal patterns** and to catch those ways of thinking and being which you wish to change.  Get curious, as they say!  And, stay open to what you perceive. What is your intuition telling you about this person, or a situation, or a feeling within yourself? For…

The third eyes main functions are seeing and intuition. Seeing both the inner and the outer. It’s Shadow side is illusion, as I already stated.  I always tend to speak about optical illusions here with the third eye. Here’s a link to a very famous One, do you see the maiden or the crone?…1.0..1.1364.5573.6j20j1j0j1j1j0j1……0….1…….5..35i39j0.LUSwOLDObmg#imgrc=z2gwHnhebt3o9M

**The main purpose of the third eye is for pattern recognition. Anodea Judith again, “the task of chakra 6 is to assemble (that) information into meaningful patterns. … once we recognize a pattern, we can intuit what it will become and guide our actions accordingly. This is the beginning of wisdom. 
     In the recognition of patterns, we find our way to insight. Insight is the ability to see within, the “aha” of recognizing a pattern, seeing where it relates to the larger picture, seeing what it means. It is within the self that the information from our experiences has been gathering and is stored in our memory. it is only by seeing within that we can cross-reference that information and recognize meaningful patterns”.  When I re-read these passages in her book entitled ‘Eastern body, Western mind: psychology and the chakra system as a path to the Self’, it really gave me that sense of becoming our own guru, our own healer, our own light.  The third eye is often called the seat of the inner guru. This is also why there is mysticism surrounding the pineal gland as you read up above in the link, and also why this element of light is present here, both on the physical and metaphysical levels.  It is here when we open to our own insight and our own intuition and our own wisdom, that we are able to recognize patterns, to see our inherent and learned behaviors, to see what patterns in our life we would like to shift and change, and what patterns within the world that we’d like to either continue, or to never repeat again.  

It is also within patterns that we run into that shadow side of the third eye again, illusion.  I can speak to a personal example of an illusion that I have repeated in my life, and it’s a pattern that I have almost completely changed; it’s a delusion that I think a person whom I’ve never spoken to doesn’t like me.  This is a old inherit pattern within my vision of how I see others and how I have created the illusion of how I’d like others to always be seeing me. To stop this personal pattern, I will often either just simply open to my own awareness, see that I am having these false thoughts and perceptions of what another person is receiving about me, and I will choose to stop the thought pattern, or sometimes I gather up my courage and I go to the person and have an interaction with them in order to get to know them. Most of the time, when I have a conversation with a person I have not interacted with before, the made-up thought that they do not like me is disintegrated. The illusion no longer exists, and Truth is spoken, resonance is created, and a heart connection begins to open.  I can feel more comfortable within who I am, and continue to ground down within myself and move more freely in the world.

“I see all things in clarity.”-Anodea Judith
“I am open to the wisdom within.”-Anodea Judith
“I can manifest my vision.”-Anodea Judith
“I see all things beyond space and time.”-Shawna Emerick
“I trust my intuition.”-Shawna Emerick
“My insights and intuition hold wisdom.”-Shawna Emerick

In reviewing the third eye, I ended up focusing just a little bit on something I hadn’t ever before, archetypes.  Anodea Judith , “Each of the chakras can be correlated to an archetype. First chakra is Earth mother or provider, second chakra is the lover, third chakra is the hero, fourth chakra is the healer, 5th chakra is the artist, 6th chakra is the seer, and seventh chakra is the sage or master. The chakra system itself is a still larger archetypal pattern, similar to Jung’s archetype of wholeness, the self. … 
To recognize an archetypal energy is to recognize its pattern and meaning and then guide ourselves accordingly. To recognize the pattern of individuation, or chakra unfolding, as it occurs in our lives allows us to see where we are, where we are heading, and what we need to do to get there. Thus insight directs action.
    In the sixth chakra we move into our archetypal identity. This identity is gained through the recognition of images and symbols that appear in our lives through dreams, by imagination, art, relationships, or situations. Recognizing the archetypal significance of these symbols brings us into a larger spiritual framework. We enter a broader context of understanding, and a deeper recognition of who we are and what our purpose is. This is the essential work of developing our archetypal identity.
… the instructions embedded within an archetypal energy not only give us meaning, but also direction.”

“Looking is seeing, but seeing is the internalizing of the image into understanding.”-Anodea Judith.  this speaks to what we often hear associated with the third eye which is the mind’s eye, or the scene that you see on the screen within your mind. Sri Aurobindo said, “in order to see, you have to stop being in the middle of the picture.” Sometimes, we need to get out of our heads, and back into our bodies in order to see more clearly. And sometimes, we do just need to sit and meditate in order to be able to clear the mind’s eye enough so that we can perceive truth, and to remember our own Light within and to connect with it. It’s no wonder that clairvoyance is also associated with the third eye. Clairvoyance means “clear seeing”. 

Along with meditation, color therapy, noticing our dreams, writing about images as symbols, looking at Young ages, and looking and meditating upon pictures of things that we love and people that we admire, are all supportive actions to help support the third eye.

Here is an interesting clip with Joseph Campbell speaking on dreams and interesting one person’s dream with owls, aha, that ajna chakra animal!

“6 chakra development opens us to the possibilities of clairvoyance, which means clear seeing. Clairvoyance opens inner-sight to non-physical plans allowing us to see auras and chakras, past and future events. It begins with the development of intuition, and is a matter of learning to focus internal attention on something long enough to illuminate its patterns. As we gain awareness of our own conscious process, we gain the ability to focus that awareness where we choose. Once we find our own light we can shine that light on whatever we wish to see.”-Anodea Judith.  This reminded me of
a podcast that I’m going to put a link to HERE(listen especially from 17:37 minutes to 26:15 minutes) in which the interviewer and interviewee talk about a term that means ‘non-coloring’.  In Sanskrit, non-coloring is called ‘vairagya’, pronounced “Vie-rah-gya”.  A common translation for vairagya is non-attachment, but as you’ll hear in the podcast there is a much more appropriate definition associated with this word.  It’s better definition is how we give value to things in our world, how we see them. It means that even though we give things in our life value, none of them are responsible for our own happiness.  And, so, how do you “paint” the world?  How do you ‘see’ things?  How do you want to be “looking” at things in life?  And, whre do you want your Inner Vision always to be held?  Drishti is ‘focused gaze’ in sanskrit, and it does mean where we hold our eye’s gaze, especially during balancing poses within yoga asana, postures.  However, it also means where we hold our internal gaze.  We attempt to always have our ‘gaze’, our focus, our vision, our thoughts toward the Light, the Divine.

I’m wondering now, how do you want to approach life?  Do you want to approach it thru the lens of Light, Love, and understanding?  Do you want to stay open with a strong sense of curiosity in order to better understand?  I hope so! I hope you will continue to illuminate your own heart, body, mind, and soul with your own inner wisdom from your Highest Self!  I hope you continue to shine your Light upon the world and be a beacon of Light for others thru service, caring, giving, sharing, support, and most of all, just being YOU!.  And when you give, may you receive ten-fold back what you have given, and may that pattern continue forever!

Breathe and Believe.

Throat Chakra/Vissudha

First, Thank you!  WOW!  What a wonderful response in volunteers for my free offering of Intuition Readings.  I am now closing the doors to that offering for the time being. Those of you who have responded as of the release of this email, I will be in touch soon to set up a day and time!  And, thank you!  This was a special offering ONLY for you, my newsletter/blog community!  I think I need to make more offers for you all!  You are so special to me. 

Talk about “speaking up”! LOL! I spoke my truth, told you about my intuition training.  That did make me feel a bit vulnerable, but, I need the practice!  Not only in Intuition, but in speaking my Truth.  And, that is what the Throat Chakra is all about!  Speaking One’s Truth!  

Vissudha Chakra, the 5th chakra, runs form the top edges of your shoulders up to the hinge of your jaw.  It is the vocal cords, throat, thyroid, and sometimes can associate to the arms and hands.  This energetic vortex of life force is the great communicator. It is that which connects the heart and mind, the body and mind, and the Spirit to heart and body.  Its color is bright blue and its Seed sound, Bij mantra, is “Ham”, pronounced ‘hum’.  Its releasing vowel sound is the long “eee”, as in “ear”.  Like how I did that? Ear!  Because it is all about sound as purification, vibration as a cleansing and healing property.  It is about resonance.  And, it is about silence in order to hear subtle vibrations; especially vibrations from our own hearts voice, and vibrations from the Akashic realm, ether realm.  It is no wonder than, that the element associated with the 5th chakra is ether.  You can also attribute the element of sound to the 5th chakra.

So, YES!  Take a sound bath!  Turn on your favorite music and resonate with its vibrations!  And, of course, sign up for the “Unplugged: Sound and Yoga Retreat: this May 8-10 with myself, Amy Soucy, and David Ellenbogen!  We are going to need it after all of this quarantine.  And, yes, it is still happening as of now!  Garrison Institute has confirmed it!  Get all the details and register HERE!

What resonates with you?  Resonance is a synchronization of vibration patterns.  So, what is normally happening in order for you to feel in sync with the flow of life and the divine?  Is it talking to a loved one?  Walking in nature?  Cooking an awesome meal?  Playing with your children?  Sitting in meditation?  It can be all of these things and more!

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who said something and right away in your body you felt excited, and you wanted to say “yes yes yes!”  because what they were saying really resonated with you?!  You really connect with it, it might even be one of your own beliefs or core values. This is resonance. 

Anodea Judith writes, “All life is rhythmic. From the and fall of the sun to the rise and fall of our breath, from the beating of our heart to the infinite vibrations of atomic particles within our cells, we are a mass of vibrations that miraculously resonate together as a single system.  In fact, our ability to function as a unified whole depends upon the coherent resonance of the many subtle vibrations within us. The task of the fifth chakra is to enhance this resonance.”

I started all my classes this week with the above quote. It speaks SO immensely to the way in which we ARE ALL staying VERY much CONNECTED during this time if the Coronavirus Pandemic. It starts at that microcosmic level of our cells and grows into the macrocosmic vibrations of the Universe, and back down again to our cells!  When we practice, whether alone, or together, whether in person, or over the etheric field of the ether net, really internet, we can create the resonance for healing. We heal and we can heal the world. Funny how as I typed this, I typed ‘internet’ and really felt that way of ‘interconnection’.  Thank goodness, ironically, for this thing that has been created that has connected us humans in a multitude of ways. I say ‘ironic’ because before Covid-19, I was trying not to be too hateful towards computers, phones, laptops, and tablets. I have a little more love and gratitude these days for it, and yet, I am needing more than ever the practice of limits with it, because I am needing to be on it much more than normal in order to stay connected! Ah, the circle/cycle continues, lol! Just be mindful. Use it in moderation.

I already named some of the ways you might Experience resonance. One was walking in nature. Last week, while out on a walk with my family and practicing ‘social distancing’, we ran into a good friend! We all waved, even Quinn, and my friend responded by saying, “I love how much more animated people have become these days!”  Yes! What a perfect 5th chakra thing to say! Communication comes in so many various ways! No only thru speech, but also thru gesture, symbols, sounds, and creative expressions; art, painting, dancing, writing, fashion, hair, cooking, movement, and more!  It is within these ways of expressing one’s self that is one of the main functions of the throat chakra. 
Side note:  I would rather call it ‘physical distancing’ for I am still socializing! 😉

The main functions of the 5th chakra are communication and creativity. It’s one thing to be expressing ourselves, sharing our True nature to the world, and it is another to listen. Communication can come to us, as well as creativity. It is important to recognize the throat chakra as the bridge between the mind and the heart because this is the passage way thru which we can hear, see, and receive the more subtle messages from Source.  We discern those vibrations from the Universe here in the throat chakra.  So it is telepathy, which is communicating across space and time.  An Akashic reader has the ability to open the “books” of all of time in the Universe, and to “read” them; to ‘listen’ to what the Universe knows.  

Sri Aurobindo writes, “The key to the mastery is always silence, at all levels, because in the silence we discern the vibrations and to discern them is to be able to capture them”.  I am thinking now to my intuition training, and knowing how receiving those messages from Source come down thru the upper chakras of knowing and seeing, and it is here, in the 5th chakra, that we speak/communicate what we have witnessed, or heard/seen/felt/experienced. We have discerned the message in it’s purest form, without the mental mind creating a narrative around it that is false**.  I often say that “feeling” is a way of ‘hearing’, whether up from our own physical body, or down from Spirit/God/Creator.

So, do you trust what you hear?  What are you hearing? Have you taken time lately to listen? Listen to your heart? Your soul? Time to listen to the Divine?  Have you had time to be silent lately? Or, is it too loud in your head these days?  Or, is it too scary to get quiet within for you? Don’t worry if any of these things, or non of these things, resonated with you. Just notice what you noticed. I have been asking myself these questions lately. Mostly because with everything going on in our outwardly lived lives, I haven’t had a lot of time to listen.  Don’t worry, you will have time soon, or you can decide to create the time!  And that’s one place were the 5th chakra creativity can come in. Look at the world lately!  How creative we all have become in order to stop this virus! Look how creative YOU have become in order to get your food, support your mental well being, to take yoga classes, move your body, home school your kids, stay connected to those you love, and more!  Once we are surviving, then we can reconnect with our passions and pleasures, hello second chakra, and from there we take action, 3rd chakra, from the loving place of our hearts, 4th chakra, and express our authentic self, yes 5th chakra! BOOM! 😉

“To fully express our individuality is to express our Truth.  A nonindividuated person will express what people want to hear.  A fearful person will be afraid to speak their truth.  A person without ego strength will be afraid of what others think and give up their authenticity.
    If your lower chakras are in good order – loving the truth of their bodies and feelings, with ego strength and accepting love – you can safely express your own personal truth. …
   In repressing part of our truth, we restrict the natural resonance of the etheric field, and cease to resonate with the other parts of our truth.  When we are out of our truth, we are living a lie.  **Lies form the demon of the fifth chakra. …
   To fully live our truth as individuated beings is to live life as a creative act.”-Anodea Judith. 

As a last inquiry, I was wondering, what voices within yourself have you been giving weight to these days?  Are some naturally louder than others? Are what they speaking true? Are some of your inner voices whispering? When you get silent, what are they saying?  Which voices do you want to highlight, and give more weight to?  What voices do you normally repress?  What voices always seem to come back?  

I invite you this week to become silent. And in the silence, honor all the voices that you hear. Allow yourself to listen to those voices that you’d rather not. To honor them is to create resonance with them, and in doing so, healing whatever trauma or pain comes from those voices that we’d rather not here. This is the courageous act to not repress are authentic self and all that we’ve been through, but rather to support our authentic self, and to allow for change, growth, transformation and healing.  And then, remember that you can then choose to resonate with the voices within you that are uplifting, positive, healthful, loving, supportive and vibrant! And in doing this piece, listening to the uplifting, you yourself, and all your cells, begin to resonate at the vibration of love and light! And this is what the world needs now, is for you to take care of yourself, to resonate with the love in your heart, and to express it and share it with the world!  When you share your authentic self with the world the resonance between all of us human beings begins to synchronize into harmony and peace.

As another practice, pick a mantra, affirmation, or prayer, and sing it out loud or silently within, and keep it ringing within your mind’s eye, and hearts beating.

-“I hear and speak the truth.”
-“I express myself with clear intent.”
-“Creativity flows in and through me.”
-“My voice is necessary.”

I’m including a Jack Kornfield interview with Tim Ferriss here because I really loved it and found its messages and practices so helpful!  It is for our corona virus times.

So, “tune-in” to yourself this week!
What is your truth?

Breathe and Believe.

Heart Center/Anahata Chakra

I put those letters in green because emerald green is the emanating color for the heart chakra; Happy St. Patrick’s Day too(I’m a little Irish)!

The intention I hoped that everyone would take away, if anything, from the class on the heart came from this quote out of Anodea Judith’s book, “Eastern Body, Western Mind,” which reads,”To behold is not to fix, change, judge, or even want.  It is simply to witness – to embrace with our awareness.  In beholding the self, we witness a miraculous manifestation of divine energy living right inside us, with all its hopes and fears, joys and tears.  This witnessing is “the heart of the heart.”  It brings us to the sacred.  It is the essential realization that must be present for any real healing to occur.  
  It has been said that an unexamined life is not worth living.  To Enter the heart is to enter self-reflective consciousness, a place of self-examination.  In that reflection, we not only define ourselves (as in the third chakra) but come into relationship with ourselves.  Self-reflective consciousness is the process of beholding.”  May we all behold ourselves and each other, always.  May we simply behold ourselves thru this current time.  May we embrace our self with simple awareness, and not judgement. 

What might you imagine the sound that would be made when two people are simply beholding each other?  Or, when one is beholding ones self?  I imagine it is the sound of peace, and the sound of love.  Anahata, the name of the heart chakra, means “unstruck”, and also, “sound that is made without any two things striking”.  I imagine this sound as peace, understanding, beholding. and wonder.  That way of not fixing, but embracing with awareness.  So, when we are witnessing our self, or another, there is no enmity, there is being.  There is watching/seeing/hearing without attacking.

The basic associations with the Heart Center are love, balance, and relationships.  It’s about altruism and affinity, compassion and forgiveness. Its shadow side is grief.

The rights are to love and be loved.  YOU have a right to love, and to be loved!

It’s sense that’s connected with the heart center is touch.  

It is the heart, the cardiac plexus, the pericardium, the lungs, an arms and hands.

The bij, or seed, mantra is ‘yam’, pronounced “yum”, and the vowel sound is the long ‘a’, as in able.  Remember, typically we use the bij mantra to pull Universal life force into a chakra, and the vowel sound to emanate its essence outwards.  You could chant the vowel sounds of the chakras and shift the prana, life force, between chakras that have abundance of energy to those that are feeling lack of energy, and vice versa. You can send the essence of a chakra out to someone, or someplace as well. You can send it to your self. 

Some of the affirmations are:
-“I am worthy of love.”-Anodea Judith
-“I am loving to myself and others.”-Anodea Judith
-“I live in balance with others.”-Anodea Judith
-“there is an infinite supply of love.”-Anodea Judith
-“I have an affinity for myself.”-Shawna Emerick
-“I listen to my heart, it speaks of Truth.”-Shawna Emerick
-“I trust my heart and it’s wisdom.”-Shawna Emerick
-“I accept all of life, without condition.”-Shawna Emerick
-“I love myself here and now, without condition.”-Shawna Emerick

The basic function of the Heart Center is love.

“Learning To Love takes energy on many levels. We need all of our chakras functioning in order to create and maintain it. We must be able to feel, we must be able to communicate, we must be able to have our own autonomy and power, and we need to be able to see and understand. Most important, we need to relax and let it happen. The heart chakra is Yin, and sometimes the most profound love is that which can simply let things be the way they are.”-Anodea Judith. I truly believe it is the courage from the heart that supports us in leading a life of unconditional acceptance for all of life. It is what can open us up to Grace and see the silver linings in moments of fear and doubt and uncertainty. It is also from this place within the heart that the way of acceptance without condition supports us in being more able to see what actions we can take, and to remind us that we still have power, in these moments when we feel as if our power is lost, because so many things are out of our control.

“As the third chakra involves mastering the energetic principles of holding on and letting go, the 4th chakra works with reaching out and taking in. …  Attachment and freedom is the way we experience the universal forces in there holding on and letting go. …  The more we allow one kind of energy, the more the other can come through. Once a commitment is made, it is easier to allow a partner their solitude or freedom. Once we know our freedom is respected, we can more easily make a commitment. Conversely, the more a partner insists on one aspect, the more his lover will yearn for its opposite. Dynamic balance is a dance between attachment and freedom.” – Anodea Judith.  “To love means to open ourselves to the negative as well as the positive–to grief, sorrow, and disappointment as well as to Joy, fulfillment and an intensity of consciousness we did not know was possible before.”-Rollo May.  This makes me think to our current situation in the world. The reaching out and taking in. May we all hold the ability to do both and to allow herself to take in as much as we are offering out, and vice versa. This will help the balance for ourselves and for others. But, we each need to remember that we are part of the collective balance, and that when we do not allow herself to take in, to receive, then the balance is lost. And also that when we forget to reach out, when we haven’t called that loved one, when we haven’t offered our self in service for others, and when we forget to ask for help, and ask for supporting our own needs, that the balance is also thrown off….

The heart chakra is the center of the rainbow bridge. If the center of the bridge is broken or has known trauma, then the entire bridge more easily collapses. And the opposite is true, when there is balance in the Heart Center, then it is more easy for all the other chakras to become balanced. The heart chakra is the only one of which we can claim these truths for balance within the system, within the rainbow bridge. So, you can never do too much work with the heart chakra.  So, create an affinity to your heart, bond with yourself….

“Affinity is a term used in chemistry to describe the tendency of one substance to enter into and remain in combination with another substance. This occurs because of an intrinsic fit within the atomic structure of the substance. The result of affinity is bonding. … The most important aspect of affinity, however, lies not in our chemical attraction to others but in the development of affinity with in the composite parts of the self.  When we have this sense of affinity, we emanate a vibration that is loving, accepting, and joyful. this allows, and even encourages others to find their own sense of affinity.  … self-acceptance is our first chance to practice unconditional love. It doesn’t mean that we have to give up striving to be better, but the are self-love is not conditional on some future or imagined change.”- Anodea Judith.  Therefore, this means that ‘I love myself now’, not when I do something, or when I get something, or when I’ve been able to let go of some piece of my past, or when I forgive myself enough, but that ‘I love myself here and now, without condition’.  Can you do this now?  Right now?  Can you at least begin to offer yourself the space to behold your self?  To behold your True Self?  To recognize you are lovable?!  To see that you ARE LOVE?!  And to offer that love to your self, TODAY, without conditions?  Perhaps you go sit, pick a mantra from above, or ‘yam’, and when you’re comfortable, sit and repeat it again and again to your self.  Place your hands phuysically on your heart. Feel how it is beating for you, and with you.  Its beating sound IS the sound of the unstruck!  Your Heart Loves You.  Can you let love in?  Remember the balance here; when you let love in, it creates a balance to give love out.  

This blew my mind:
“In the organ of the heart, each cell is beating continuously. If we were to dissect the heart, each cell would continue to beat by itself. As soon as we put these cells together with other heart cells parentheses as on a microscope slide parentheses, the cells shift there with them so that they are pulsating together. They enter a state of rhythmic resonance (something we will discuss more fully in the 5th chakra).  By tuning into our heartbeat, we tune ourselves into the resonance with the core rhythm of our organism and the rhythm of the world around us.”-Anodea Judith.  How appropriate to understand this very aspect of our own physicality, as we live in today’s reality of “social distancing”, and what feels as separation. So, to remember that even though we might be physically separated, we are still vibrating as one. And when we do come together virtually, and even within the interiors of our heart as we think about each other, OH, that we are still connected!  I used to have a saying that I still sometimes think of to this day. The saying is this, “there is a hearts thread of compassion that connects us all”. I also used to say that “my heart is a tangled web of strings meant to be plucked”.
May we each continue to allow our song to sing, and may we remember how we are harmonizing with each other’s songs.  Sending love to you all!

A little Bonus here:
Podcast from Tim Ferriss with Brene Brown on “Striving Versus Self-acceptance”: HERE

Breathe and Believe.

Manipura Chakra

I think all these chakra blogs might be long!  There is just SO much information on each one!  Entire books have been written on them, so I am going to keep doing my best to give you a strong overview.  May this information serve you in healing and empowering your life, as well as the planet and all of humanity.  Namaste…

Manipura chakra!  Meaning “lustrous gem”.  YOU are the gem!  As we rise up thru the rainbow ladder, we arrive now at the solar plexus/adrenal glands area of the third chakra. 

Anodea Judith writes, “If we are to rise upward through all seven chakras, it is the fire of our will that propels that movement.  It is through our will that we liberate ourselves from fixed patterns and create new behavior.  It is our will that steers us away from that path of least resistance, that addictive behavior, or the expectations of others.  It is through our will that we take actions that are difficult or challenging, moving toward something new.  As we take these actions, we begin to transform, but the first step is breaking old patterns.”  

The main purpose of the third chakra is transformation.  Are you ready to let go? Of old behaviors that are causing dis-ease in your life?  Are you ready to finally burn those old ways of thinking that are holding you back from your truest potential?  Are you willing to step into your power and allow yourself to be seen in your ‘lustrous gem’ form and shine?!  The very aspect of ‘holding on’ versus ‘letting go’ is a main concept associated with the third chakra.  Hold on to those beliefs and core values that are uplifting.  Let go of self-degradation.  Hold true to your Higher Self, your True Self, and let go of that small self that might be telling you your not good enough, or worthy enough.  Be your own greatest Light for your own transformation, just as much as you surrender to the divines unfolding within you and around you, so you can watch your own transforming and be in awe at your life.

As I wrote those words up above, I felt stoked!  I could feel my own fire within!  Fire is third chakra element!  And, then, I could feel a shift, a shift in the opposite direction. I was thinking to the video challenge I did recently inside my Instagram account, you can watch them HERE.(Quinn and Max cameos to boot!). I took on a challenge that my friend Jessica Lee created.  For five days in a row, I had to make an Instagram TV video. Jessica gave us the prompts, but we had to show up!  And, I did. It was TERRIFYING for me.  I don’t have the “ideal” video set up, lighting, camera, mics, environment, etc, but, I did it. I took action!  And that’s what the third chakra is ALL about!  It is our right to act!  It is also our right to be an individual.  It is autonomy and individuation.  Manipura chakra invites us to remember that we have a great purpose in this life!  Whether that purpose is being a mother, a caretaker, a partner, a healer, an accountant, a police officer, a baker, a yoga teacher, a math teacher, a psychologist, a counselor, a shaman, a human being doing their best, or ANYTHING, the third chakra supports us in taking actions towards our desires and doing so in compassionate, considerate ways for the good of all. Now we are seeing how these energy centers dance with each other, right?!  Desires comes from our second chakra, and compassion from the heart chakra(that’s next week).

As I continued to think back on the video challenge, I had to honor my BIGGEST fear, which is why I began to feel deflated and embarrassed.  That fear is the weight of worrying how I will be perceived. What will people think about me?  How will they judge me?  Read that first quote up top by Anodea Judith again.  Those expectations, and my perceived judgments from others, are my arch nemesis,  I am really good at self-imposing those made-up expectations of how I “should” be in life. What my persona “needs” to be in order to be accepted by others.  I want everyone to like me, everyone to accept me.  However, I am working on breaking that old belief that everyone will accept me. I am working on accepting myself first.  Especially because I DO believe I have a purpose of service and healing to offer in this lifetime. So, I am working on not snuffing my Light out, but rather sharing it!  And so, the videos!  They were my first step towards bigger desires of serving more people!  This is my “WHY”!  It fires me up! LOL! Third chakra words! My ‘why’ highly outweighs my fears.  And that is when I step into my power… 

“What is power? Where do we get it? How do we use it?  Why do we need it?  How do we avoid its unbalanced duality of victimization and abuse, aggression and passivity, dominance and submission?  Where do we find our own empowerment without diminishing that of others?  How do we reclaim, with full responsibility, enthusiasm, and pride, our innate right to act, free from inhibition and shame? … To restructure the way we think about power and to channel and contain that power within our own being is the challenge of the third chakra. …  What is needed to reclaim our power is to enter into an entirely new dynamic, a new definition of power that lifts us out of struggle and into transformation, out of he past and into the future, one that inspires, strengthens, and empowers individuals without diminishing others.”  -Anodea Judith

And I love her further offering, “It is not power we seek so much as the overcoming of victimization — the ability to determine our own lives.  For what greater responsibility than to allow the divine within the freedom of its unique unfoldment?”  Aho.  Amen. Sat Nam.  When we remember we are the divine, then may we not prevent its unfolding; may we not prevent our self from stepping fully into our Light!  May we step into our power and break free from feeling powerless.  May we take action as individuals for our higher good, and that of others.

Now, the tough questions that came to me recently.  What happens when we know we must take action in a way that we know will effect others in a negative way?  Or that might cause others discomfort and dis-ease?  What happens if we are looking back in our lives at moments when our actions caused us to feel ashamed? 

Brene Brown writes, “Shame is the most powerful, master emotion.  It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.”  Deep breath in, and let out the long “ahhhhhh” sound here!  “Ahhh”, like in ‘father’, is the emenating vowel sound of manipura chakra.  So, let go of the old belief that you are not enough. And now, call out “Ram, Ram, Ram”!! Pronounced like ‘rum’, this is the Bij mantra, or seed sound, that pulls life energy force into the third chakra!  Start those engines and let’s go!  Need another affirmation, “I can”!  “I will!” Or, “I honor the power within me.”

Brown also shares with us, “Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.”  Forgiveness, grace, and surrender.  The action of surrendering to True will, or call it divine will, is our will, for the divine works within each of us, always. This doesn’t let us off the hook, making it a free-for-all to do harm and take everything for ourselves in malicious ways.  No, it means saying sorry, breaking the old patterns, trying again, and as we continually transform, acknowledging that we are trying our best!  We will still fail at times, and that’s normal.  But, when our intention is good/right, and our will is acting for the betterment of ourselves and others, then those mistakes do serve purpose, they serve transformation.

We all hold the power to change. We all hold the power for change. How will you allow the divine to unfold within you this week?  What actions will you take in movement towards your purpose this week?  And, may you do so thru embracing your unique self!

Joseph Campbell wrote, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” 

Breathe and Believe.

Svadisthana Chakra

We are climbing the rainbow now!  If you want to review the first chakra, go HERE!

Svadisthana chakra is the second chakra. Picture a warm orange glowing orb of light within your pelvis.  Your sacrum and lower abdomen, about two finger widths below your belly button is the abode of the second chakra.  And, it means ‘one’s own abode’.  It also has a root vibration in it, svad, which means to ‘taste sweet’.  This is our pleasure center, and so much more!

Named “sweetness”, svadisthana chakra embodies the element of water. It is the essence of flow and grace.  It is motion and locomotion.  Think about when a baby starts to sit up and then crawl! Things really get moving!  So, yes, dancing, walking, and ANY kind of movement is great for the second chakra!  Or, think of fish, dolphins, whales, and sea creatures, for they are the animals related to the second chakra.

And, just as water can change forms, so too can we.  Change is a component of the second chakra.   Whether we create the change or changes come up unexpectedly. How do you feel you handle change?  Change your clothes when you want?  Change your mind ever?  Have you ever had a “change of heart” around something?  

This is our power house of emotions.  As we start to “dance” thru life, we are going to feel a lot of sensations arise.  The right to feel ALL these emotions is the right of the second chakra.  We might feel emotions physically, energetically, mentally, and we can notice them within our self as well as others.  You hold the power to be able to become aware of how another feels, even without speaking.  Clairsentience is an aspect associated with svadisthana chakra.  Meaning, we all have the ability to empathize. 

And, this ability to feel others feelings is also where we might get blocked within the second chakra.   Have you ever done something that made you feel great, only to realize that it had a negative impact on someone else?  And then you felt the emotion of guilt?  Guilt is the shadow side of the second chakra, and I was considering this idea the other day.  What happens when we *need* to do something that we know will cause another to feel badly?  One of THE HARDEST decisions in my LIFE caused one of my dearest friends to become very angry with me for months. However, I knew I needed to make the decision for myself.  We are dear friends again, and have been for MANY years, but it was one of the MOST difficult moments in my life. As I consider scenarios like this, I consider the whole system of the chakras.  If you are in a position like this, or different, but are feeling guilty, I invite you to ground within yourself. Work with first and second chakras together. And/or work with the heart chakra and second chakra.  Heart example, forgiveness.  Can you forgive yourself?  Can you forgive another?  Perhaps in forgiving, life will open up again, flowing in the ways that invite you to move freely within your self and being able to dance with the divinely created choreography of life meant just for you!  The right to have pleasure is another right of the second chakra.

*In that last story I touched on another principle of the second chakra, needs.  Our needs and our desires are components that we must to listen to in order to support healthy second chakra energies.  Do you freely support your desires, or do you feel you aren’t deserving enough to nourish them?  Some will create an excess of energy in their second chakra by way of always diving into things that always give them pleasure, and often having poor boundaries.  These people also tend to invade others boundaries.  And others, yet, will deny all pleasures for themselves, having very rigid boundaries, and often these people have lack of desire, passions, or excitement in life. When was the last time you did something for yourself that gives you pleasure?  And, did you do it without holding guilt with you?  You assignment, should you choose to accept it, is do one thing this week that brings you pleasure AND do it without guilt!  DO you want to read for an hour or go dancing?  Do you want to eat your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant?  Do you want to say no?  Do you want to say yes?  What do you desire?  Maybe that’s what your homework becomes…sitting with your body relaxed, mind cleared, and heart open, and listen to what you really desire in your life right now.  Its ok if that desire is a big dream, its ok if that desire is to take a nap.  I’m curious as to how you are feeding your desires. OH! HAHA, how are your “feeding” your desires, that just came out while typing. Ever heard of ‘guilty pleasures’?  People often think if sweets as guilty pleasures. Real life story, our Girl Scout Cookies arrived this week. YES! I did eat some, without guilt, and yes, I had some boundaries with eating them.  I didn’t eat so much that I got sick. I ate just enough for me. How do you support balance in your second chakra so it’s energy can flow with ease?  Mindfulness can be a great tool here.  

Lets stay with the cookies for a minute (no problem on my end! lol).  The second chakra component of the dance of polarities can be applied here.  Anodea Judith writes, “We have to develop our ability to feel in order to discern the subtle nuances between polarities.  When feelings are numb, we can only discern the obvious differences, the more blatant black-and-white choices.”  Mine was seeing that there were choices beyond not having any cookies at all, and eating all the cookies at once.  I ate a few, and really enjoyed them, and put the rest away for another day.  

Now, before we go further, my intuition is telling me to write one last piece around guilt.  “There is, of course, a healthy place for guilt: as a feeling that allows us to examine our behaviors before, during, or after our actions.  When its not distorted, guilt tells us where the boundaries are and where we need to make change.”  “Guilt is a teacher when it guides us, but a demon when it binds us.” -Anodea Judith, Ph.D.  

Affirmations that I felt come up within me this week around second chakra:
“I move with ease and grace.”
“I am creative.”  
“I handle change thru supporting my needs.”
“I swim with change.”
“I open to all my emotions.”
“I feel deeply and care deeply.”
“I am a sexual being.”
“I can be my own sexual.”* 
*From Anodea Judith, author of many chakra books.

Yes, second chakra is where the sex organs reside.  It is the place of the sacral plexus.  It is home of procreation.  But, as I said in one class this week, “Whether or not you can or cannot have an actual human child grow within your womb, you are pregnant with ideas.”  You can ‘birth’ your dreams into reality.  You have the power to grow, shape, and form your vibration, your life, and your desires how you wish.  You are ‘pregnant’ with the very wisdom of life force, prana. A good friend gave me a t-shirt they had made when I was actually pregnant with child.  It said, “Pregnant with Prana.”  Thanks Amy M.!  We are ALL pregnant with prana!

Ideas for working with second chakra that I was considering:
-Explore your sensuality.
-Consider how was pleasure regarded in your family?  Did you vacation?  What was the work ethic in your family? Etc.
-Drink water, cause we are made up mostly of it!
-Hold a moonstone 
-Bathe in the moonlight
-Go be with a body of water, a river, the ocean, a stream, even a puddle.
-Bathe in your own shower.  Baptize yourself there.
-Do something that gives you great pleasure.
-Do hip circles, or triangle pose, or pelvic rocks.
-Chant “VAM”, pronounced ‘vum’, to bring energy into your second chakra.
-Chant the long vowel sound of “ooooo”, as in ‘hoop’, to release energy or blockages from second chakra.  And, yes, go hula hoop!

Andoea Judith writes, “To open the second chakra is to drink with delight in the sweet waters of pleasure.”

She also writes, and I love this quote that I used in class, “I believe that ultimately, emotions have a spiritual function as the language of the soul.  This language is spoken through the body. … If we run from these emotions (something that is culturally supported) we run from the very gateway to our transformation.  
  Once on our quest, emotions help unravel the story of our soul’s journey.  Feelings emerge from the unconscious, form the instinctual core of the body, and move up form the lower chakras to enter consciousness. … Just as releasing emotions free the body, the converse is also true; we can free emotions by consciously moving the body.”

Breathe and Belive.