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Eclectic Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa flow is the style of Yoga you will experience when practicing with me. Through physical alignment‚ not only is safety placed first‚ but the body can then guide the Energy for healing of your body.  With a sweet sense of humor and a Light Heart‚ the physical postures(asanas) of Yoga hold invaluable benefits from creating more flexibility and strength‚ to specifics‚ such as preventing migraines‚ building bone density‚ and alleviating back pain.



and learn ways to create ‘heat’ or ‘fire’ in the body and ways of how to calm and create peace within.  During practice of the poses, you build a sense of awareness and focus.  It becomes a moving meditation (one-pointed aware mind) which develops your ability to handle difficult situations in life‚ multi task better when you must‚ and relieve stress!  Your over-all deeper awareness that Yoga Asana Practice has to offer you builds trust and understanding of the physical body and a deeper love for not only your capabilities‚ but also for what lies underneath the skins surface!  Your Inner Light and Radiance will begin to be noticed by others!  Let Your Light Shine!

During practice of the poses, you build a sense of awareness and focus… which develops your ability to handle difficult situations in life‚ multi task better when you must‚ and relieve stress! 


to find the body’s fullest expression in each pose and the heart’s fullest offering of Light in every movement. She brings a sense of welcome to the table; excitement and enthusiasm for her students; and a sense of connection towards authentic living and remembrance of Spirit. She invites openness to ask questions, and, when given time, openness to create dialogue around deeper awareness. Shawna brings a sense of gratitude to all who have come before, to all here now, and hope towards the future.

Class Descriptions

This stylized class‚ that involves incremental sequences of postures‚ supports all levels of physical abilities. Whether you are new to the practice‚ a returning practitioner‚ or seasoned yogi‚ you will always be able to explore and move as deeply into the physical postures as much as you desire‚ while keeping good alignment for safety. Multiple variations on each posture and different options given‚ allow you to challenge‚ or go as gentle as needed‚ from practice to practice. Other aspects of yoga‚ such as breathing techniques‚ mantra‚ meditation‚ and mudra are also added at times.

A class for those who have been practicing yoga for at least 9 months or more on a regular basis. Those wishing to deepen their practice‚ become stronger‚ and experience more advanced levels of physical postures. In this class‚ inversions, arm balances‚ and many other intermediate and advanced level asana are explored and integrated into flowing connections with breath and body‚ while keeping deep centering intentions alive.

This specifically designed class is perfect for everyone! Whether you are nursing an injury‚ brand new to Yoga‚ have a specific condition‚ or just want to slow down, this is the class for you. Exploring breath‚ gentle movements and supportive postures‚ and always receiving a blissful relaxation at the end‚ Gentle Yoga practice is restorative and renewing on many levels. Pregnant woman are invited to all my Gentle Yoga classes.

A specific style of yoga in which I received a 200 Hour teachers training certificate‚ is based on the system of the chakra. Chakras are the ‘wheels’ of energy within the body that contain the vital life force‚ Prana. These wheels of life energy correlate to physical aspects‚ energetic‚ and emotional aspects within all of us. In Prana yoga‚ use of the sounds of these wheels of life were designed for you to experience what is present within. From this experience‚ you can begin to create balance and start the healing transformation for your self and for others.