Join Liz Moyer and Shawna Emerick for an arching journey over the course of three months that will use Healing Circles—meditation, storytelling and yoga— and co-created community space to support all that’s changing within and around us.

The body holds stories. Whether it’s grief, sadness, anxiety and rage; or hope, insight, clarity and wisdom, we invite you to use this time together and these practices to support the parts of you that desire to be seen, heard and held exactly as you are.


Through simple practices of meditation, storytelling and gentle yogic movement, we’ll share our stories and speak from the heart about our personal lived experiences with the current times and beyond. Our current circumstances will be the entry point to explore deeper layers of change taking place in our lives and the futures we wish to birth for ourselves and the collective.


Through gentle movement and yogic inspired practices and breath work, we will embrace, embody, and evoke our bodies’ innate wisdom to heal. As we move, we heal the deeper consciousness within. We can place salve on past wounds as we acknowledge them, care for our current traumas and experiences, and set a grounded foundation for our futures by practicing tools that we will be able to use forever.


We would love your presence and wisdom to be part of this with us.



Program at a glance

What’s included?



That combine storytelling, meditation and yogic movement via Zoom

Biweekly: Wednesday’s 7:00 – 9:00pm ET

Calendar of dates below



Exercises for self-reflection and healing based on what’s present for our group

Arc of themes below



Video recordings specially made for our group for non-Circle weeks by Shawna



To keep the connection going between like-minded souls

Practicing a Community Agreement like this one



Liz Moyer & Shawna Emerick



Being part of this Circle Journey may help you:

  • Feel more grounded in yourself exactly as you are in this moment.

  • Find a steady presence and set of supportive practices that can help you digest all of the changes within and outside of yourself.

  • Discern what’s best for you, your family and your soul’s purpose at this moment of great change.

  • Feel more empowered, confident and strong in making decisions and taking next steps even if we don’t have all of the puzzle pieces.

  • Speak openly and authentically about your feelings in a caring environment that helps you connect with your authentic self and be in a more openhearted state. 

  • Articulate a vision about the future of our world that you can hold in your heart and live through your actions and relationships.

  • Feel connected to a community and fellowship of kindred hearts, minds and souls who care about the world.



Calendar of Circle Dates

Every other Wednesday 7:00 – 9:00pm ET

Hour 1: Meditation & Storytelling. · Hour 2: Yoga and gentle movement

June 10th / June 24th

July 5th / July 22nd

August 5th / August 19th



Arc of Themes

Themes are bi-weekly and guide the Circles, reflection prompts and practices. We envision this journey to be highly co-created so will move with and pivot towards what’s alive and present within the group.

1. Opening + welcome + community building.

Who are you right now in this moment? What are our intentions for our community? What’s our community agreement together?

2. Welcoming all that is.

What’s been present for us at a personal level throughout this pandemic and these current events? Challenges + opportunities. Fears + wisdom.

3. Holding space for the world’s pain and this time of transition.

What are you seeing at a collective level? What are these times revealing to us about our economic, social, political, global system? About our collective consciousness right now?

4. Uncertainty + certainty.

What fluctuations are present in your life? What steadiness is in your life?

5. Visions of what’s possible.

For yourself, your family, your community, the world. Embodying our visions of what’s possible, right now. Actions we can take in our lives to usher in our visions/a new paradigm.

6. Bringing this home.

Next steps. Reflections on this journey and the experience we all had together. Where to go next?


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Cost Exchange

Requested amount: $400

This reciprocates Shawna’s and Liz’s time preparing and facilitating Circle, developing recorded videos and community content, recruiting like-minded participants, and creating a comfortable, generative community space.

Pay it forward: $500

Financial times are tough for some of us. By paying at this price level you help someone who may be in that position join the program and bring their beautiful heart with less financial stress.

Sliding scale: $300

We’re happy to offer this lower price to those who need it. We don’t want money to be a hindrance to your participation. If this scale is prohibitive please contact Liz or Shawna to discuss payment plans or other creative solutions.



Payments can be sent via Venmo (@liz-moyer or @shawna-emerick) or email us to discuss alternatives.

May our money serve as a vehicle for gratitude and a means of investing in what we want to see more of in the world.

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About Liz & Shawna

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Liz Moyer

Hi 👋 I’m Liz. I’m a deeply spiritual empath, who has been an advocate of feelings my whole life. It was the feelings I felt the first time I learned about poverty that set me on a path of international sustainable development and social justice. Flash forward 10 years, I’ve combined my passion for systems change with my passion for healing to offer We Heal for All, an organization that helps people come into a fuller relationship with world change by privileging their emotional, psychological and spiritual experiences with it. I’m grateful (and deeply humbled) to be offering this journey with Shawna; to come together in community about our changing times and to offer space that helps us process and move through challenging emotions in order to give birth to new paradigms within and outside of ourselves. You can learn more about me and my identity here.


Shawna Emerick

Hi, 🙏I’m Shawna and I am deeply honored to be able to be with Liz and you on this journey.  I have always been an embodied being. Growing up in the dance studios and later graduating with a dance degree, I was always curious about movement and it’s relationship with healing beyond the physical body.  Fast forward thru over 16 years of many Yoga teacher trainings, attuned in Reiki, many Thai Yoga Massage trainings, and becoming a Life Coach for Transformation(let alone my own personal experiences thru life and motherhood), I now know and deeply believe that the body holds wisdom. We all hold wisdom; within our bodies, hearts, and Spirits. To move Ones body is to move the very Life Force of Source within us; we are Creators and we can heal ourselves as well as the collective, but it starts with us.  You can learn more about me here.