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When I had arrived to NYC in 2002‚ I hit the pavement dancing! Dancing for various Modern Dance companies as well as running my own‚ Vital Dance‚ which continues to exist today in various forms‚ I also went on to explore other practices of wellness‚ including Thai Yoga Bodywork and Reiki. I had always felt the power of healing touched and I continue to believe that amazing things can transpire when we connect to our life force‚ also known as prana‚ chi‚ or ki. Who knew just how much my anatomy classes would play a role in my life! And‚ who knew that the sweetest little Dojo in Inwood‚ NY‚ would offer me a deeply rich practice of Japanese energy work called Reiki!

Thru the years‚ I came into connection with something called Life Coaching and started using it to support bigger transformations in my life and to really obtain goals and realize dreams more clearly. I began to feel its connection to my life’s dream and started to feel that something was calling from within me. This calling soon showed me that by completing the Coaching for Transformation Life Coach training‚ new doors would open‚ unlocking limitless possibilities. I applied and received scholarship to the program at the New York Open Center and see on a daily basis how it continues to effect my life and others as I have been practicing Life Coaching!

Now‚ I have never stopped using my answer to what I wanted to do with my life. I continue to explore and pave new pathways for creation and change for myself and others. I continue to sharpen my skills in Yoga‚ Thai Yoga Bodywork‚ Reiki‚ and Life Coaching. I now combine some of these modalities in order to allow transformation and healing to process more deeply.

I still dance, and am inspired to write my poetry‚ sing out loud‚ go snowboarding‚ travel to new lands‚ and meet new people! I am excited for the future while being so grateful for what is here now. I am so very willing to be a part of life‚ and will ‘dance’ thru life‚ always seeking guidance from my ancestors‚ family‚ friends‚ students‚ Spirit Animals‚ and especially the Divine.

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