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Tuesdays 7:45-9:00pm Vinyasa Level 2 at Mind Body Soul Yoga*(will be moving to 7:15pm in 2020)


Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm Vinyasa All Levels at Bread and Yoga Inwood


Fridays 7-8:30pm Gentle/Restorative at Bread and Yoga Inwood


Saturdays 10-11:30am Vinyasa All Levels at Bread and Yoga Inwood


Saturdays 2-3:30pm Vinyasa Level 1 at Mind Body Soul Yoga*(changing to 2:30-3:45pm in 2020)


Saturdays 4-5pm Restorative Yoga at Mind Body Soul Yoga

  • Corporate and private yoga instruction available upon request.
  • Thai Massage available by appointment in-home or at Mind Body Soul Yoga Studio.